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Camella Homes is known for not only providing Filipino families with Italian-inspired homes but also a hefty amount of amenities to enjoy. These facilities and amenities are designed to bring more convenience to your life so that you can live life to the fullest. Also, it brings more value to your investment as you seek out the kind of lifestyle that you want and deserve.

The first and most notable amenity that you can enjoy at Camella Agusan del Sur is the entrance gate with the welcome sign. Camella Homes take a lot of pride in its community developments. Therefore, seeing the Camella brand enables homeowners to share in that pride too. It also provides a glimpse into the style of the homes and the overall ambiance of this neighborhood.

You can also enjoy a wide range of facilities and amenities such as the community clubhouse. This clubhouse is the ideal social venue at Camella Agusan del Sur. It has a large enough space that it can be used as a venue for special occasions and social gatherings. The clubhouse also features the same Mediterranean-inspired them with the rest of the community. Hence, you can ensure that you will have a place to socialize and celebrate within the community. 

In addition to the clubhouse, Camella Agusan del Sur will also have a children’s playground. The location of this real estate development allows you to exploit the natural features of the province. You can inhale the fresh breeze of the morning air, as well as enjoy the idea of living in a peaceful environment away from the chaos of traffic. You can let your children enjoy that by allowing them to play outside. The playground area is equipped with all the things that you would expect to find in a play area. The playground is also surrounded by lush landscape so your child can play around safely while you watch along in a cozy spot. In fact, the landscaped areas can even serve as picnic spots too. These facilities are designed to help you maximize the natural beauty of the community’s location.

For those who like to engage in sports, there is a full sized basketball court available at Camella Agusan del Sur. This court is great for leisurely or competitive play. It can also double as another multi-purpose venue for other community activities. If you want to stay active or go out, you can head to the basketball court to play some hoops.

In addition to the recreational amenities mentioned above, the entire subdivision also features modern facilities that improve the quality of life for its homeowners. The entire subdivision feature concrete roads and gutters. Meanwhile, the underground drainage system was built to ensure that the entire subdivision can remain flood-free even in the event of heavy rains. There are also roving guards throughout the subdivision to monitor the activity and to ensure the safety and security of the homeowners. All of these facilities and amenities are available for you to enjoy if you choose to invest in your own house and lot unit.

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